05 May 2011

Progressive Cavity Pump - PCP

The PCP is a form of artificial lift typically utilized in pumping viscous fluids ( low API) and also tough abrasive media. Field installs and experience base are most common in Venezuela, and North America.

A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump and is also known as a progressing cavity pump, or an eccentric screw pump. It literally pushes / squeezes / pushes fluid from one cavity to the next through the pump, from  a series of small, fixed shape cavities, as its rotor turns. This leads to the flowrate being proportional to the rotation rate (bidirectionally) and to low levels of shear force being applied to the fluid.

Weak link in application design for a particular artificial lift problem set tends to be the elastomers and related temperature constraints, together with effects from forms of abrasives such as sand, etc.

The PCP pump is used in generally lower flow oilfield applications.


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